Local SEO

Local SEO

This is what you need if you are a business the primarily generates business from the location you are in. Our approach to local SEO is that we will build up a keyword list that is relevant for your business. Primarily for the area you are located and also slightly further afield to potentially draw in more business.

Local SEO example

For example, we will create a keyword list based on the products or services you offer. Consider a local car garage in Aberdeen. We would want to firstly look at the services that you offer, so:

  • mot’s
  • tyres
  • mechanical repairs
  • servicing
  • oil changes
  • air con refills
  • brakes
  • exhausts
  • batteries
  • wheel alignment
  • puncture repair
  • windscreen wipers
  • bulbs

We have our list of the services that the business offers. Next for targeting local SEO we would add the location of Aberdeen after each of the services to start creating the keyword list:

  • Mot Aberdeen
  • Mots Aberdeen
  • Tyres Aberdeen

Note that I’ve also added plural versions where appropriate. When it makes sense, also reverse the location and the service:

  • Aberdeen MOT
  • Aberdeen air con refill
  • Aberdeen air con refills

Once we have created our list, then go to Google’s Keyword Tool or consider KeywordTool.io. Have a look at the traffic estimates as a rough guide to help prioritise the list. It is worth noting though to set some filters in the keyword tools so that you have ‘exact match’ ticked and local search, so country specific. This will allow us to number each keyword so that we know what will potentially bring in the greatest amount of traffic.

When it comes to building links we now know what our priority keywords are. However, we will slowly build links using all of the keywords so that it doesn’t raise any flags with Google.

That is how we will approach SEO for your local business. This will ensure you get the greatest return from your investment from our local SEO services in Scotland.